Opslået den 25-01-2019

STS Body Work

Part 2/2

Everybody keeps saying, “I cannot do this. If I do something, it is not enough. I’m not enough to move something.” That is not true entirely. You have to start with yourself.

If you are not able to see yourself, fell yourself, and recognize your own truer potential, you are not able to move and create around you either. So start within yourself, and move yourself to that greatness that you truly are. When you do that, you reach out into every single one around you. That can be right beside you in a physical way, or that can be in a mental or spiritual way to people that are actually around the world as well.

Because we are bound together throughout the energies. Because we are from one descendant. We are and we all come from love. That energy or, that creator or the greatness, we all contains.

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