Opslået den 08-01-2019

STS Body Work

We are a mere speck in the universe!
I've spent this evening in the great company of a handful very beautiful people, sharing our truths of consciousness. We are as humans mere specks in the univers, in search of our ever internal truths. Our souls carry so much knowledge, and many are afraid to look at these truths. Afraid of the whereabouts of the origins hereof, and affraid of other peoples thoughts on this.
We need not to be affraid, or hide behind fabricated truths to make ourselves and others imagine, or suppress our real truths...
How do we know if we are, you ask... well if we dont live out our true potential - wich most of us dont. We get caught up in the many ways of hiding in an everyday life style, trying to avoid the essence of our truths. if we dont recognize each other for the true potential each and everyone of us are - no matter what level of potential - we must let each other shine from where we are, not negligize and try to oppress the higher beings - fore they are here! Especially the younger generations, are of high frequens, and it is a necessity that we all grow, or at least try to, to be able to understand, and let the new and high energy flourish. It is inevitable!
Are you uncertain where you are, or what you are truly capable of? Do you get the feeling like you don't fit in, are you often misunderstood
Join us in February on a joint consciousness journey, where we travel together to explore and expand our essence. Text for more info.
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