Opslået den 04-03-2019

STS Body Work


This place in between, where you get stuck and dont know wich way to pull… Do you go up or down? Stand still for a moment and listen! I'm sure you will find that the only option is up! If you choose to go with the path that is layed out, this is the only option. Too much sorrow, psysical pain, and heart acke is prone to come if you choose to move down in position. Options are layed out to test and see whether you are ready or not to embrace your true nature.
Are you ready?!
Feel the ease and the comforts of moving in the right direction. At first you might experience discomfort and uncertainty, but it will quickly pass. So don't be afraid, don’t cling on to something that's not supposed to be – move ahead with yourself, and embrace all that is made ready for you. There will be masses, to welcome you home.
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