Opslået den 25-01-2019

STS Body Work

Part 1/2

So in order to understand fully what happens when we are here in the physical roam, we have to be able to lift up upon, or above that to a different flow of energy, a different flow, or a different consciousness. So that we can view it from a different point, and thereby we will understand or get a greater understandings of what happened and what we can use it, or how we can use it to move passed that experience.

So when we do this it will no longer just become an experience, it will become a tool for you to move and grow, and embrace a higher self. Which is actually what we are here to do.

Embrace the experiences that you are given. Sometimes, oftentimes, they seem very scary, we get afraid and we tend to get sucked back into the comfort zones. The security that we have built a recognition too, a trust too - even though we know that they are harmful to us, and we do not grow within these boundaries. But it´s safe to stay there because we know what is there, and we know exactly what happens when we stay there.

But what’s very important is to move across and above that, so that we can move forward to becoming the greatness that we truly are, and to understand the greatness and the potential and the sum of who we are together, all of us. Because in the higher energy when we move and lift the sum of the totalness that we are, here we can create and grow a larger picture.
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